24 Danish Christmas Traditions

Danes go crazy when it comes to christmas... With a million strange traditions like dancing around the tree and putting rice porridge in the attic they sure know how to celebrate the holiday season. There is 'hygge' all around and getting presents is far from the most fun part of it:
Denmark is truly the world capital of christmas.

If you want to learn more about Danish Holiday Cooking this book is a great starting point: 

The Nordic Kitchen: One year of family cooking

Each day a new tradition is posted. Follow along below!

December 1st - Gift calendar

December 2nd - Teasing elves

December 3rd - Countdown candle

December 4th - Christmas TV-calendar show

December 5th - Braiding hearts

December 6th - Decoration foraging

December 7th - J-day (drunk-day)

December 8th - Cut'n'Glue day

December 9th - Yule Goat

December 10th - Rice porridge in the attic

December 11th - Advent presents

December 12th - Wishlists out the window

December 13th - Saint Lucy

December 14th - Confectionery

December 15th - Elf friends

December 16th - Bake-day

December 17th - Christmas lunch

December 18th - Apple slices

December 19th - Santa in the garden

December 20th - Glögg wine

December 21st - Disney's christmas show

December 22nd - Gift raffle

December 23rd - Win the almond present

December 24th - Dance around the tree

Essential concepts:
"Hygge" - A certain feeling of coziness coming from feeling safe, warm and being surrounded by loved ones. Imagine drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace with your best friend while it is snowing heavily outside - that's hygge.

"Nisse" - Directly translates to "Elf". Danish elves aren't green, kid-like or only living in Santa's workshop though. In Danish tradition nisser look like miniature Santa Clauses and in addition to helping Santa out in Greenland (NOT the North pole!) they live in the attics of every house, sleeping throughout the year and awakening to either help or tease during December.

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