We all have certain movies and TV shows we associate with christmas. But you might be surprised that even though Danes almost exclusively watch American movies, it's not the same movies we consider a must-see during christmas as most Americans.
Examples of Danish christmas favorites are: 
Love Actually
The Holiday
The Polar Express
Home Alone

But above all there's one show no one misses and I was very surprised to hear that Alex had never heard of it. On Christmas day "Disney's christmas show" is sent on the most major Danish TV channel and the whole country gathers to watch it.
Jiminy Cricket is the host of this animated show and he presents christmas postcards sent from all the classic Disney characters such as Lady and the tramp, Snow white, Bambi and so one. With each postcard follows the most epic scene from the old movie in question. 
Most of the show is the same every year as they're the same postcards from the same Disney classics. But then at the end there's a "surprise" which is a showing of a clip from a new Disney movie. 

I don't think I've missed "Disney's Christmas Show" (In America called "From all of us to all of you") in my entire life.