So, I already explained risengrød - the hot rice and full-fat milk porridge. Ris a la mande is a french dish that you make from day-old risengrød. You add chopped almonds, vanilla and a whole lot of whipped cream to the risengrød and it turns into Ris a la mande, which is served on christmas eve with hot cherry sauce. (Here's a recipe)

Anyway - here comes the fun part! Whoever makes this dessert for the christmas family dinner saves ONE almond that is left whole. After all the chopped almonds are added and the dish is finished this last whole almond is stirred into the creamy dessert.

Now the race begins - whoever gets the almond wins the "almond present". Only the chef knows what it is but it is usually of a decent quality and everyone wants it. 

As a result the christmas dessert is eaten slowly - each spoonful is carefully felt out in the mouth to make sure there's no whole almond before chewing. It is also eaten rather quietly as everyone is eying each other to see if someone else get's the almond. People have a habit of hiding the almond if they find it. The one finding the almond doesn't scream out in victory but usually keeps the secret to himself until he's watched his entire family choke on the last few bites, determined to eat up in an attempt to win the present. A strange and fun tradition. Bon Apetit!