"Dette brev, som jeg skrev, sender jeg gennem stjernernes vrimmel, mod den syvende himmel. Med vindens sus til julemandens hus!"
(Translation: "This note which I wrote I send through the swarm of stars towards the seventh heaven. Carried on the wind to Santa Claus' house!")

This rhyme was made famous from a Christmas TV show from the 90's. The main character's little brother each night goes to the window in the attic and says these words before throwing his unreadable scribbles ('krims-krams') into the night. Still to this day we say this rhyme before my brother throws his wish-list for Santa Claus out the window.

Although this is a very very new tradition and probably not widely practiced I must admit I think it's incredibly cute. Also it's a convenient way of figuring out what he wants for christmas (when my brother learned to write comprehensively that is). We just had to go outside and pick up his little note from a water puddle.