The very best Turkish food

Turkish food was no less than an epiphany to us. I'm sure the first association you have to “Turkish food” is “Kebab” or maybe “Döner Kebab”. But living in Turkey for a little while we learned that kebab is just a fraction of the Turkish dishes that are famous, traditional and loved by the locals. Never before have I been showed so many dishes with so many traditions, stories and cultural importance attached to them.
A special thanks to Omer, our couchsurfing host, for letting us in on all these secrets. Without him we would've never tried gore-sandwiches or sour yoghurt, no less learned to love them. 

Here's a short list of the most famous, interesting and delicious must-try dishes for Turkey!
You can click each dish to see a more detailed description of it as well as read our personal experience with it. Don't miss out on these amazing foods if you are gong to Turkey.