Raki is a very popular anish flavoured liquor from Turkey. It is a bit like Sambuca, Ouzo and other alcoholic drinks served around the mediterranean area and is usually served with seafood.

Our experience:

Entering the secret little venue I immediately loved the place. With loud music and colored lights dancing on the walls it had the atmosphere of a club, but instead the music consisted of Turkish classics played live from the corner and the room was filled with chairs for lounging.
Omer shouted to us if we wanted to try Raki. I immediately answered “NO!” while Alex shrugged. Omer brought Alex the drink; a glass of milky liquor accompanied by a glass of water. “Why the water?” Alex asked. Having tried Raki already I just giggled and asked him to figure it out. After the first sip he understood why he’d need water. Also his facial expression was priceless. Over the next few hours he fought his way through the glass until it was finally empty. When Omer and his friends went to get more drinks someone asked Alex if he wanted another Raki. Over the loud music he misheard it as vodka. I almost fell of my chair laughing at his expression when another glass of milky anis liquor was placed in front of him.
He looked at me with a begging expression, mouthing “help!”
I shook my head, getting chills at the thought. Bravely he struggled with the second glass and made it all the way through before we left. He definitely got a happy buzz and proved his extreme politeness.