Extremely funny Danish words

Danes are dummies and don't like constructing new words. Why not just make up a word from already existing nouns? Dating an American I have often laughed to myself when stumbling upon an English word with a really funny literal meaning in Danish. We tend to name things exactly what they are to the point of ridiculous. Here are some examples!

Format:  Literal meaning = English word (Danish word)

child cart funny danish words
flying machine funny danish words
  • Sock-Pants =                   Pantyhose (Strømpebukser)
  • Clipping-Machine =         Stapler (Klipsemaskine) 
  • Roll-Stairs =                    Escalator (Rulletrappe)
  • Silver-Paper =                 Tinfoil (Sølvpapir)
  • Christmas-Man =             Santa Claus (Julemand)
  • Egg-Cake =                    Omelet (Æggekage)
  • Inside-Spraying =            Injection (Indsprøjtning)
  • Child-Cart =                   Stroller (Barnevogn)
  • Day-Book =                    Journal (Dagbog)
  • Flying-Machine =            Airplane (Flyvemaskine)
  • Sun-Down-Walk =           Sunset (Solnedgang)
  • Smurf-Kick =                   Flicking (Smølfespark)